Fighting for justice

Who can help me? Feels like no one’s there, when you have bills in the thousands because of court proceedings when all you want to do is protect your daughter 😞

So the inevitable happened, it was only a matter of time before it would of done anyway and maybe I shouldn’t even be writing about it on here. But I need to get it out, I need to scream but I can’t!

Back in July of 2016 my daughter told me her half brother from her “father” had been sexually abusing her she’s only 6 him 9 a repeated pattern of what he done to my sons when I was with his dad.

Court never listened to me wouldn’t even entertain what he did to my boys, so he was given no extra supervision when my daughter was having contact. My daughter told her “father” what had been happening and he never stopped it, still allowed the boy to get in her bed repeatedly.

When my daughter finally told me I phoned the police and over the next couple of days she spoke to police and 2 different social workers she even expressed how unhappy and sad She was at contact and never wanted to go there her “father” scared her.

I immediately stopped contact and social services said I was well in my rights if I feel it’s unsafe environment.

He her “father” obviously took me to court and said it was all lies nothing happened how can he say my baby isn’t telling the truth 😞 My 6 year old little girl who is so innocent apparently I’m filling my babie’s head with vile stuff who in their right mind would tell children about these things.

So over a few months my daughter started showing sexualised behaviours copying what happened to her. I thought her councelling would help her but she’s needed further treatment my poor baby is having counselling at such a young age. My little girls head must be so confused.

My daughter one day broke down crying trying to tell me something she said it was about her father and looked so worried to tell me I immediately thought the worst but she told me he had threatened to put nails down her throat and leave her in the woods. I calmed her down and promised she was safe. How could anyone say something so disgusting to a little girl no wonder she was too scared to tell me what happened to her no wonder she wets the bed at night.

My baby told her teacher about it to and the social worker but still he maybe able to have contact with her.

Ive got court next month and July as he wants contact she’s told so many she doesn’t want to see him,she’s told so many how she feels but still they want her to be put with this man who has caused so much damage to her little mind. She screams at night horrendous nightmares has OCD won’t even play with her own toys they have to be in order. She’s so sad she’s not been herself since before she ever saw that man.

No ones there to help me there’s nothing I can do! I can’t save my baby. My barrister is horrendous I’m paying a man who spoke to me and my mother like a piece of crap.

My babies have all been let down by the system my baby has been hurt even though I warned the judge! It’s the justice system and the judges fault my baby got hurt he put her in that awful position.


If anyone has any advice anything at all even the tiniest thing my email address

please please someone help 😞

Please share on all social media I need help 😒

32 thoughts on “Fighting for justice

  1. This week I am told of another case of the abduction of a newborn from a West Wales Hospital.
    Another horrendous story of a young mother in despair where her children was taken on the back of lies by those that abuse their power and wallowing in impunity for personal and political gains.

    Here we have another parent screaming to be heard.
    When is this going to stop.
    Those paid from the public purse to act in the public interest must be challenged: are they not taking money from the public purse under false pretences.

    When two senior politicians say that there is a gang of criminals operating in County Hall.
    When a former leader says that 90% of those in County Hall are Freemasons.
    When an outgoing Police Commissioner describes the Council as Sicialian Maffia.

    Why do these people want to steal our children.
    Why do these people sit back in wilfull blindness outside their Corporate Parental Responsibility and watch as our children are stolen and abused at the public expense.
    Do do nothing we the public are part of it and are complicit to such henious crimes.

    They of public function obviously are as when they come together on the floor of the Council Chamber, the Welsh Assembly or Parliament colluding together to conceal henious organised crimes.


    1. It’s happening more and more mothers have no rights anymore how can we protect our babies. My ex has history with me and his ex of domestic abuse and still he has full rights, my last judge was vile to me and he was the one who put my daughter in danger I told them what it was like around there and he basically said if I don’t follow orders I will be the one in prison and my ex with my daughter and ex has threatened me with said judge for the last year and even said in court he wants the same judge on this case again and he’s even willing to wait till July to see him! How can he choose his judge do murderers get the same rights 😒


      1. “My barrister is horrendous I’m paying a man who spoke to me and my mother like a piece of crap.”

        hi, First of all you need to find out which Barristers chambers your barrister works from then go on their website and look up his profile. you will very likely find that he also represents Local authorities in your area and they all know eachother like one big happy family. parents should only use barristers from way outside their own area to ensure there is no bias. and yes you are right your partner should not be able to choose what judge you get. you have to stand up to these people or you will never get true justice. Also consider putting in a stage 1 complaint to the Local authority dealing with the case. it goes in 3 stages then you have the Local Govt Ombudsman if those 3 come to nothing. you can get help with your complaints procedure from Advocacy groups in your area such as NYAS etc.
        best wishes for you and your daughter.


      2. You could also consider being a litigant in person. basically you scrap your barrister and represent yourself. there are plenty of help groups out there who will support you in court proceedings. most of the people on here will tell you more about that. it will give more say in the court room and it will save you a fortune not paying a Barrister. they cost thousands. We had two Barristers on our family court case but they were useless and we later found that they also regularly represent the very Local authority who were against us. the Local authority were using a Barrister from the same damn chambers as ours. that says it all really.
        i wish we had represented ourselves. i think the outcome might have been very different.

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      3. I don’t think I could do it, I’m not literate enough and can’t speak “judge” I’m not stupid but I don’t understand their jargon and would probably miss loads. I’m going to have to look out of Northampton, there must be someone out there that isn’t curropt 😞
        Thank you


      1. Hi – I’ve checked with the voluntary org that I passed your details to and they are in backlog catch-up mode at the moment. They have assured me that they will review the details that I provided and let me or you know if they can assist. Best x


      1. I am not familiar with the UK legal system. I assume it is Family Court that has failed to take action to protect your child vis a vis custody. Was the criminal case against your husband dismissed? If not, the prosecutor should be sympathetic to your concerns. Perhaps he can re-open the case, in light of your child’s new problems. Her pediatrician should be able to serve as your expert in court.

        Have you contacted the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)? I understand they are highly reputable. If I were you, I would contact every child-related government agency and non-profit in the phone directory, then start again at the top of the list. Ask your friends to help with the calls.

        Perhaps you have already done that, of course. I’m sorry to be grasping at straws.

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  2. OMG that is terrible can’t imagine wat ur goin Tru it’s like our systems over here in Ireland if ur not well in with money u get no help but ur so rite speaking out never let anyone silence u when it comes to ur kids welfare wish I could help u out some way all I can do is share here in Ireland do u have a FB page or a site


    1. Please share away a friend suggested I do a go fund me page I’ve spent nearly Β£15000 already and it’s not stopping just to protect my baby I’m sickened by it all. Please share every little helps xx


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